Travelling with Kids in Abu Dhabi


If you're planning a family vacation to Abu Dhabi, you're in for a treat! This bustling city in the United Arab Emirates offers an array of activities and attractions that are perfect for kids of all ages. From thrilling theme parks to cultural experiences, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Family-Friendly Attractions

One of the must-visit destinations for families in Abu Dhabi is the Yas Waterworld. This water park is packed with exhilarating rides, slides, and attractions that will keep your kids entertained for hours. Another popular spot is the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi, where you can experience the world's fastest roller coaster and other adrenaline-pumping rides.

Cultural Experiences

While in Abu Dhabi, don't miss the chance to explore the city's rich culture and heritage. Visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, one of the largest mosques in the world, and marvel at its stunning architecture. Take a stroll along the Corniche promenade and enjoy the beautiful views of the Arabian Gulf.

Family-Friendly Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, Abu Dhabi offers a range of family-friendly options. Many hotels and resorts in the city have dedicated kids' clubs, playgrounds, and swimming pools to keep the little ones entertained. Some even offer special family packages that include meals and activities for children.


Travelling with kids in Abu Dhabi can be a memorable and enriching experience. With its mix of exciting attractions, cultural experiences, and family-friendly accommodation, this city has something for every member of the family to enjoy. So pack your bags, book your tickets, and get ready for a fun-filled adventure in Abu Dhabi!